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I was raised in Los Angeles and studied animation, painting and drawing at the Disney-funded California Institute of the Arts. After attending Immaculate Heart College and Cal State Northridge, I moved to New York, and illustrated two children's books:
Would You Rather? and How Does it Feel...?, both published by Human Sciences Press.

Upon returning to Los Angeles I was commissioned to illustrate articles and editorials for the L.A. Weekly and the Los Angeles Reader

My most recent published work has been the illustrations for The Italian Vegetable 
 and Solo Dolci, The Italian Dessert Cookbook by Anna Bruni Benson and a book 
of pictures and words entitled Wonderwell

published by Lion Press.

I've written and illustrated a book about a special frog called Twotop, completed illustrations for another children's book entitled A Fishy Tale: Jimmy's Magic Wish by Sarah Goodman and have also created preliminary illustrations for various other children's stories all still awaiting a publisher.

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